About T&T Engineering


Errol Jeftha Owner Founder

The company was founded in 2001 by father and son team Errol and Trevor Jeftha. Errol’s engineering expertise is based on 25 year’s experience in the industry. When his former employer closed down, Errol started on his own, creating T&T Jeftha Engineering. He started at home from his garage, which became too small after a year, requiring him to move to larger premises.

It is our design engineering ability that creates speciality products that set T&T Jeftha Engineering apart from the rest.

Our highly skilled staff are consistently perfecting their work in order to offer our customers the best and most innovative products/services available.

The company has since grown and now employs several staff members. Errol sees to the day to day running of the company himself, ensuring that his high standards are met. One of our latest achievements is the manufacturing of a 22500 litre copper pot still for the distillation of Jamaican style rum. This was produced for a distillery in Jamaica.

We have also produced a 3000 litre Jamaican style rum pot still in 2016 for a local distillery. In January 2017 we made history, when we produced the first Jamaican style rum in a South African manufactured pot still on South African soil.

We manufacture copper piping above 104mm diameter, hand-beaten finishes & tempering, as well as rolled flanges.

T&T Jeftha Engineering has since formed a partnership with its sister company True Bore Engineering, excelling in machining and turning.

At T&T Jeftha Engineering, we make it our top priority to meet the needs of our customers.