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Distillery Manufacturing

We manufacture stainless steel and copper columns and condensers, as well as any other components for the Distillery Industry. Our clients include various still houses, including the foreign/overseas market. Our services include any maintenance and repairs of existing potstills and the upgrading of continuous stills. Have a look at our Client Gallery

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Butchery Equipment

We manufacture high quality stainless steel equipment for the Butchery Industry. This includes: Stainless steel bandsaw (JEBA) Stainless steel meat mixers Stainless steel sausage fillers Stock Supra Sabre, Supra & Econo and Supra 25L & 30L sausage filler parts We service, revamp and alter butchery equipment as well as S52 Mincing Machine

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CNC Punching & Other Equipment

We manufacture out of size stainless steel and copper piping with hand-beaten finishes and tempering, as well as rolled flanges. Through our sister company, True Bore Engineeering, we also have access to turning and milling facilities. Have a look at some of our other machines and spares that we manufacture. We can also Tailor-Make a Machine According to Your Specifications.

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