Butchery Equipment

We manufacture high quality stainless steel equipment for the Butcher Industry, which includes JEBA butchery Bandsaws, the JEBA Mincer and supply their individual spare parts.

We also carry some of the spares for OKTO and Mastercut Bandsaws.

JEBA/Supra Bandsaw JEBA/Supra Sausage Filler JEBA/Supra 52 Mincer
We manufacture Supra Sabre, Supra, Econo & JEBA butchery Bandsaws and spare parts.



Our JEBA/Supra Sausage Filler comes as a 15 ltr and a 30 ltr machine. We also stock spare parts. for a 25 ltr Supra Filler.


We also manufacture the JEBA Mincer and supply its spare parts.